Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's in a name?

So, I guess I should start at the beginning and explain my love of running skirts. I started running in skirts 2 years ago, and I haven't looked back! I always run in a skirt, whether it's 10 degrees (with tights, of course), or if it's 80 degrees. It's actually kind of funny that I wear skirts to work out, because I never wear them to work or to go out to dinner. I've persuaded all of my running friends to try skirts, too, and most of them have converted, as well. Recently, I've tried tutus, which will make more of an appearance in 2012, I think.

So, let's talk brands. My first skirt was a basic black model by Brooks. I wore it for several races my first full year of racing. Then I stumbled upon Running Skirts and Skirt Sports, and I haven't looked back. Most of my skirts have been purchased from these two companies, although I have tried skirts from Nike, Athleta, Champion, and Under Armour. Nothing can compare to Running Skirts or Skirt Sports, in my opinion.

I love to see other skirts in action at races, and I will often comment to other racers if I recognize a certain skirt brand. My theory has always been if you look good and are comfortable, then you will feel good!

Here is a peek into my collection:


  1. wow that is quite the collection!
    I love the look of running skirt and so
    I just got my fist one
    from skirt sports...I am not convinced yet
    I wish it had a moves at the waist. Those are hard to buy for people who are tall 5'11" and not very big (size 4). I wish skirt sports would offer TALL size!

  2. Wow!!! Love your collection. I only have a black one right now. I'm very plain. :)

  3. I haven't loved the Running Skirts ones but I am a huge fan of Lululemons skirts. I started with a Champion one.

  4. First, thanks for visiting my blog! Second, OMG, I want your closet! Funny thing is that I've spent all morning looking for a running outfit for my race in Edinburgh, something that resembles a Scottish kilt. I think I have the answer now. RunninSkirts to the rescue! I assuming since you have so many that they don't chafe, right?